MoVI / Ronin

Rethink your Production
MoVI Operator

Freefly Systems MōVI M5 and the DJI Ronin are high-end equipment that allows us to, not only achieve incredibly stable footage, but due to the nature of the devices, allow for shots that are otherwise impossible with anything else out there. Both the MōVI and Ronin can be operated in two distinct ways. First, as a single operator running in Majestic Mode we can achieve superior steady shots. Second, operated with a remote controller we have greater flexibility in every shot. How? It allows the Gimbal Operator to focus on running/skating/skiing/walking/whatever and allows the Camera Operator to concentrate on shot composition. This truly allows for the standard boundaries of video to be broken, making the possibilities endless.

MoVI Services

The MōVI M5 will allow us to carry any camera up to 6 lbs. this includes any DSLR camera like the Canon 5D, Panasonic GH4, Sony A7 plus the Canon C300 and XC10. The Ronin can carry cameras up to 16lbs. like the Red Epic, FS7, C300/C500, Alexa M and more. We offer packages that include wireless HD video and follow focus systems. We want to be able to provide our experience and tips and tricks to help you achieve the shots you are after, even the ones you haven't thought of yet.

Time Efficient
MoVI Rental

There are many tools at the disposal of modern day filmmakers, most of which can achieve incredible results. In a business, though, where time is money (true of whatever budget you have) a gimbal system excels. Once the camera is balanced it is good to go and perfectly smooth tracking shots, jib shots, follow shots, dolly shots are all seconds away. In short, MōVI and Ronin systems save you time and it becomes quicker to just shoot than to explain an idea!! Shots that we expect to be able to achieve in a fraction of the time and cost are dolly shots, without the need for laying track; and jib shots, either by using an actual jib or by handing off from one op to another. This saves considerable cost and allows for more versatile shooting locations. We also see a high use for this in allowing for what would typically require Russian arms. It is now as simple as leaning out of a car with the MōVI or Ronin and the Camera Op framing the appropriate shot. With these gimbal systems, you are only limited by your creativity!

Totally Covered
MoVI Expert

We are offer the best when it comes to flying the camera on a handheld gimbal. Wireless uncompressed HD feeds and completely remote wireless follow focus. Remote mounting to jibs, cables systems and aerial platforms and as part of our packages we will always offer a tech who will balance the camera, put everything together and can happily undertake any role within the camera department. We want you to create incredible shots that you never thought possible!